Eco Bathroom Kit

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The bathroom was the first room in my house that I switched to eco-friendly products, so I’ve popped my favourite products into a box, for you or whomever you’re giving this gift to to enjoy. You’ll love the smells that come pouring out of this pack, and you’ll love the lack of plastic packaging that pours out even more!

  • Shampoo - This gorgeous shampoo is made by Carly at Fair & Square, it smells great, makes your hair shiny and clean, and doesn't need conditioner!
  • Toothbrush - Bamboo toothbrushes are an easy way to greatly reduce your hard plastic waste in the bathroom. This is due to the bamboo handle, that is completely biodegradable and will break down in compost. Read our blog on properly disposing of bamboo toothbrushes, as not all of the brush is biodegradable.
  • Soap - My favourite bar soap ever is from Ecostore- the lemongrass soap is refreshing, tangy (figuratively, not literally) and holds its shape right down to the last wash. I hate soaps that go floppy and fold on you as they are used- so this soap has been my go to of years!
  • Soap Dish - Something to keep your shampoo and things on. I can confirm there’s nothing more annoying than trying to prise soap off a surface that it has adhered to. This holder from Block Dock will protect your bar from sitting in a puddle of water, and save you the trouble of trying to pry it away from the bench or shelf.

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