Design Competition

Every three months, we run a design competition for anyone who loves to doodle, design and decorate. We select a winner on our social media (@itsforyounz) with the help of our followers, and the winning design will be printed on our totes bags and tea towels to be sent out across the country! Read more details about the competition, and the terms and conditions below!

  • How do I enter?

To enter please email your submission to, in your email please pop your name, age, a little information about you or your design, and your social media handle (if you aren't comfortable sharing some of that information online, please let us know and we won't post it on to our social media. 

  • What kind of design can I submit?

You can submit any design you like - provided it is your own work. Whether its typography, a doodle or a different kind of design- we accept them all! Your only two limitations is that the design can only be black, and you need to submit a digital design. 

  • Who can submit?

Anyone! whether you're young or old, experienced or trying something new we'd love to see what you can come up with.

  • What do I get out of it?

If you win, your design will be printed on our tote bags and tea towel to be sent out in our eco kits and gift boxes. If you would like, we'll add an identifier, like your social media handle, name or website to the print. Every time we share a picture of the bags, tea towels or design on our website or social website we'll also add your social media handle, name or website to the description.

  • What if I submitted for the last competition?

If you submitted an entry in a previous competition, you will need to enter again, we start fresh every competition, if you'd like to submit a new design, or the same one as last time you're more than welcome to, we love to see what you are coming up with.