Eco Drink Kit

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This one is for the tea drinkers, the frappe feinds, and the coffee consumers. Once you have a cup you don’t mind carrying around, you’ll have a cup for life. This set has a cup, and straw set. Mainly because I’m a cold drink kind of person and love to drink through straws, but also because drinking through a straw helps reduce staining on your teeth (I know, I’m so helpful) AND you’ll have some spares to keep around for those times you’re caught with your straw down. 

  • Tumbler- All it takes to revolutionise your eco-friendly mindset is finding The Cup. This is The Cup to me, so I’m stoked to be able to pop these in a box and share them with you as well. I usually just fill mine up with water and ice (the double walled insulation keeps it icy for hours) but if I’m ever feeling fancy I also take it to the coffee shop and get a delicious frappe in there too!
  • Stainless Steel Straw Set - I don’t know whether it's just a me issue or not, but there's something about drinking out of a straw that is just better. So I’ve got a set of metal straws in this box as well. They fit perfectly into the cup, but also almost any other cup or tumbler you may have. Various thicknesses for different purposes. You’re sorted for smoothies and juices alike.

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