Eco Shopping Kit

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This box contains all you need to that trip to the supermarket. Keep these bags in the car, or by the front door- and you’ll never get caught out again. I found that my journey of being more eco friendly took a huge turn for the better once I invested in nice, high quality reusable shopping bags. So here, have one of mine (you can thank me later). 

  • Shopping Bag - Shopping Bags - everyone loves a good reusable shopping bag. The cotton canvas  bags hold their shape and are a little stronger than a woven nylon, as well as being that wondrous word natural. Keep this in your car, or have it buy the door ready for when you go out. We run a competition every three months to find a new design to put on our tea towels and shopping bags. Click the link here to learn more!
  • Produce Bags - ditch those single use fruit and veg bags, and use these lovely cotton bags instead! Three different sizes for three different needs. You can even pop in some nuts or treats from the pick and mix in there too!
  • Bulk Bin Bags - Perfect for those fine grains and seeds that will fall through a woven bag. Take these to the pick’n’mix section, or to your local whole foods store and stock up on exactly how much you need!

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